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creepy lyrics

13 Jul 2012 14:54 | Quote
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so, I saw this the other day and it inspired me to write this song:


Edward, Edward,
I know you hear me calling you
No night goes by without my cries
And so, I’m here, to pull you through

The people they say, that you’ve gone insane
They’re terrified by your sight
Edward, I am here to wake all night

Edward, Edward,
I know you hear me cry
Cry to wicked and sinful deeds
I picture before your eyes

The sound of the bell, the carnage and hell
The blood of a thousand men…
Edward, I am your only friend

Edward, Edward
I’ve got to tell a tale
The sight of all the wickedness
The horror and the wails

The blood and guts and ligaments
Too dreadful all to tell
Edward, let me take you to hell

Fire & fury, so small a child with eyes as black as coal
Begs you to join her in the night
Freedom hangs on a thin rope my friend
Freedom from my tormenting cries

Hang that rope from the ceiling
Place that chair in the middle of the room
Feed me your life
Feed me your fear
Save yourself from my eternal doom (repeat 4*)

They found you dead in your suite, my face it was laughing
I begged them to join me in the night
Edward, you joined me in the night.

oh, here is a song by Tom Waits about the same man...

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