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7 String Guitars

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25 Mar 2012 12:12 | Quote
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I always used to think 7 string guitars were kinda dumb, until I tried one yesterday, and now Im hooked! I absolutely love them now, so what are some nice 7 strings i should check out? Im leaning toward trying out the schecter hellraiser 7 string, but I just wanna hear suggestions.
5 Apr 2012 01:13 | Quote
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I own 2 seven strings. One of which is a Schecter c7 Hellraiser. Schecters are solid all around guitars, but their necks are pretty thick, which becomes a bit of a problem with 7+ string guitars, and it is really my only problem with the c7. ESP has some pretty good 7s, and Ibanez has some great ones. I'd try some from ESP and Ibanez too, and don't rule out passive pickups, as most people buying 7s are hell bent on getting EMGs. I have DiMarzios in my Agile 7 string and it is the best sounding guitar I have ever played.

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