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some lyrics

26 Jan 2012 13:21 | Quote
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these are some lyrics that I've written (3 actually).
hope you like them.

the first one and the last are more of a blues thing, the middle one is more sort of metal/stoner/prog.
guess that some feedback might be helpfull


is there, no place to hide?
can't you, come and go?
is there something in the air, that warns you down there?
is it god?

is there, no place to run?
will you, sink and float again?
is there something on the ground, that you once found,
but was never lost.

silence's a waste of time.
I don't speak for myself.
'cause everyone knows that wherever it goes, it always returns.
and everyone knows tomorrowís just a frame.

is this, a holy place?
can it, be something else?
is that blood out on the window, is that murder on the ground?
yes it is.

Honey , come don't stay
everyone, else went away.
is there something that attracts you, forces you not to go

money's a waste of gold.
is every man his thought
'cause everything here will disappear and vanish surely
so can't we be glad with all that we have.

I'm sorry for you all.
and series of people laugh
you get it kind of wrong
and all the people laugh
it doesn't really matter
as long as the people laugh.


On the clouds, far away,
from assail, some unveil.
When itís over, when itís done weíre all for sale.

I stand at the water, I stand on the shore
The tide it is flowing, like it always done before
There is the sound of the siren, begging for more and she gets it as well.
Could this be neither, not heaven nor hell?

I saw the archangel today
looked just like you
told him how you thought the book was just a frame
cryptic prophecies in a ancient essay
told me that it was true

god is peace, the devil is evil
red riding hood, well sheís also demon
you can say what you want, you can want what you say but it wonít save you

so now youíre enlightened, now that you know
this is something special, weíre all down here below
this isnít heaven, this isnít hell; this isnít earth.
Now itís time, for me to go. And rest my soul.

I spoke to Mohammed, the other day
his nickname's Gabriel
also known as a prophet of Jaweh
he had lot's to tell

don't you think it's strange
we all believe the same, but in another way
and if they donít fit within our western pack
better give them their numerals back


Johnny the lizard sits on his back
Hand in his pocket, cut him no slack
Evil and noisy the buzz in his head
Driving him crazy, already mad

Donít have no mercy, donít feel no shame
For Johnny the lizard itís all the same.
Donít be a fool now, trust on your gut
Johnny the Lizard, he lies in the mud

He thinks heís so clever, we know that he ainít
now Ignorance has washed up his brain
donít try to teach him, itís all in vain
go on to try and kill our fiend
donít have no mercy, donít feel no shame
for Johnny the lizard itís all the same
now do stop cryiní and pile up your stack
Johnny the Lizard ainít coming back

For he thinks heís so clever, but heís a fool
Impossible to teach him, not even at school
His body will wither, his mindís on the run
Johnny the lizard, forever stays dumb

Donít have no mercy, donít feel no shame
Flush the lizard down the drain.
10 Feb 2012 14:56 | Quote
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lol this is like.. rap.. haha
10 Feb 2012 16:15 | Quote
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really?.... it's blues

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