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Dim7 Arpeggios

Music Theory
26 Sep 2011 13:49 | Quote
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So i was looking at the arpeggios of hell tab ( not to learn, more less just to learn some of the arps and how yngwie uses them) and seen a G dim7 arp. But it wasn't a G dim7 arp it was a E dim7 arp. And i'm guessing it wasn't a mistake because there were others like it and it was the most top rated tab. Until i looked further in it to find out the G and E Dim7 contain the exact same notes, and so is C and A so my immediate thought is that all the relative minors contain the same notes in Dim chords like G and Em and C and Am and so on. I never looked much in to diminished chords in Theory so i just would like someone to shed some light is all :D Thanks
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Here's the awesome fact: There are only three different dim7-chords!

Any dim7 chord is made by stacking minor thirds on top of the root.
C dim7= C Eb Gb A(technically Bbb, but it's the same).
Now, if you start on the Eb instead you'll see that:
Eb dim7= Eb Gb A(Bbb) C(Dbb)
The only difference between C dim7 and Eb dim7 is which note is the root, but the chords are easily exchangable with each other when comping or playing malmsteen-esque sweeps etc.. You could say that Eb dim7 is an inversion of C dim7.

If you continue this way you'll find that:
C dim7= Eb dim7= Gb dim7= A dim7
And up one semitone:
C# dim7= E dim7= G dim7= Bb dim7
Up another half step:
D dim7= F dim7= Ab dim7= B dim7
If you go another halfstep you end up with the first row again.

There are only three different dim7-chords!

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