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This one is called “Replay”, tell me what you think!

Verse 1:
Looks like you’ve made some mistakes.
If I had to guess,
You’ve got your bridges to burn.

And that’s the problem with you:
You’re a little too much like me.
I don’t know when to stop, and blink,
And let the world fade away;
If only for a second today.

I always hit replay,
And watch it all rewind.
And I know someday,
Maybe the second, third, fourth time,
You won’t play again!
You won’t play again!
But please know this is not your fault,
It’s all mine!

Verse 2:
You go hard in the paint, you dirty girl!
If I had to guess,
You’ve got your regrets, don’t cha girl?

It’s all mine!

Bones shakin’, bones start shakin’ X3
Girl where are your skeletons now?
They’re shakin’ with mine! X4

Fade away with “Bones shakin’, bones (they’re shakin’ with mine!)”

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