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metronome problem

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8 Jun 2007 08:05 | Quote
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gud day guys!!! hehehe i've heard so much about what good a metronome can do to improve your speed and when i enrolled at a music school in our place my instructor also told me to buy one so I did after a few weeks but now that i bought it I'm confused on how to use it., what tempo should i start with?
18 Jun 2007 18:51 | Quote
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A metronome is great for keeping you in tempo, so start at a speed that is comfortable for you for the phrase or song you are learning or plyaing. Many songs and tabs have the tempo posted so you can use those as guides. When starting to learn a passage, phrase or riff start out slow and learn to plya the rif right then speed up the tempo. and of course practice practice practice.
19 Jun 2007 03:41 | Quote
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First some stuff you probably already know:
a metronome is an advice for keeping your tempo and measuring and it works like this , the metronome can be set to many tempo's but i'll only stick to the most used 4/4, it'll give a beat every 4th note so I hope you know the note durations and if you have a part with only 16th notes , you have to cram 4 notes into every beat , 2 for 8th notes and 1/4note a beat.
sometimes the metronome also accents the first note of the 4.

you can maybe put it in 3/4 , 6/8 whatever , hear the principle is the same
but like all would say start at a quite low tempo and check if everything is played clear , start at 60-80 and if it's not clear there , even slow down if it's clean gradually move the metronomespeed up by around 5 and check again , if not clean after moving up , move down again , later try to go up again , if it's clean now , you can move up again , etc ...
you can better play something the right way at 60 then play it sloppy at 140..., speed comes from accuracy (quote from someone someone)

good luck:D

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