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knowing the neck

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31 Mar 2007 18:12 | Quote
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i have some questions to ask. i have gotten all the bar shape chords down pat and as i am messing around with the neck i am starting to realize a few things and am also starting to notice other things. just wanted to know if im heading in the right direction

1. when playing scales... i can connect the major and minor scales going back and forth (somethings dont quite sound so write thought)... example if i am playing A major then i can play B minor, D major, E minor then i can play G major then i can play A minor to connect up the whole guitar neck....now that i do that i can see the problem because it ends up on A minor not major....if someone can tell me what im not seeing or where i should be headed according to this i would appreciate it

2. if i am playing something in Amajor should all the notes in all the chords be in Emajor (i know every rule can be broken) but is that kind of standard thought to knowing what chords to use

3. if i play in Amajor should i use the major chord to start out. that seems kind of obvious now that i think about it...but when i write songs i dont ever think about scales or theory i just experiment.

4. as i learn guitar i keep finding out patterns in everything and even formulas to know theory and the neck. if there is anything anyone wants to let me in on i would be gratefull.

im a drummer. but dahm guitar is nice

31 Mar 2007 23:55 | Quote
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i'll see what i can answer

1. i don't understand what you're saying here actually start with b minor , d major? are you talking bout scales or chords here
maybe some example( in tab or sth)

2. You mean in A major and chords in A major instead of E major right?
well most of the time you would like them to be in Key
but this isn't always the case like you thought , for example sometimes they'll use a bVII chord instead of the 7th dim , and this chord is not part of the scale...

3. you mean start with the A major chord right?, well not at all actually , mostly it will start and end with the root chord ( A major) but it's not necessary

4. try some books like fretboard logic , it's all about looking at patterns on the guitar , the logic the tuning of the guitar holds

don't know if this helps anything ,gl

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