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best of both worlds

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21 Mar 2007 06:52 | Quote
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New Zealand
gidday to all,just thought it maybe a good idea to have everybodys input into who they think are best rythym/lead guitarists of all different genres.could be interesting as everones different,could learn of some new artists.
and the winner is?
thanks to all ADAMSKE
22 Mar 2007 03:34 | Quote
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well maybe first post a list of the genres that are in this game , could pick a guitarist for every subgenre of metal(heavy , progressive , power , death,...)
so bit narrowing it down maybe:)
22 Mar 2007 17:59 | Quote
United States
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that's a really tough question to answer, but i'll do my best in trying to at least give you some of my favorites. as for lead guitarists, you're probably going to say "can you name somebody we haven't heard a million times already?" haha. i'll try to tell you who and why without turning it into an essay. these are in no particular order as it would be too hard to choose just one, but my favorites are jimmy page because of his inventive, soul, honesty, depth, and a technical skill, jimi hendrix because of the emotion that poured out of his guitar, angus young because although he isn't the most technically skilled, he's full of energy and his riffs are searing hot and full of passion, carlos santana because he is also allows emotion to pour out of his guitar and he lets his guitar speak for him, brian may because he was also inventive and technical but also because he knew how to complement freddy mercury's voice, eddie van halen because of his love for tone and deep technical skill, david gilmour because of his heart-grabbing solos, les paul himself because... well that's a given, kim thayil because of his contribution to the grunge era and his melancholy or fast paced riffs, this guy you can see on youtube who goes simply by "riffguy" because well... just watch his videos, and my father and i don't need an explanation for that one.

as for rhythm guitarists: i'd go with malcolm young, john lennon, tom fogerty, bob weir, and paul stanley. because they are the under-rated backbones to many of rock's greatest songs.

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