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how to play this

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19 Mar 2007 15:14 | Quote
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----------------------4-2-0-2-0------ what does this on a tab mean 1)pick just high e and g strings and miss out b?. 2)strum all three ? or 3) why are they lined up the same ,theres no hammer sign on tab, so do i pick the 4 -0 then 2-0 and so on please help us out
19 Mar 2007 16:56 | Quote
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I understand you play with a pick right?
there are two possibilities here , first one is to pick the notes on the g string(yes a g-string) with your pick and the notes on the e-string with your ringfinger , second choice is to mute the b-string and strum the three strings with your pick, you just pick everything no hammer ons or pull offs , don't know where you get that

another thing you could do is change the tab

this way there's no string between it..

just see what works best for you and the song, gl

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