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How Do I Put Chord's too scale's

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8 Mar 2007 08:37 | Quote
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iv learnt so many scale's , mod's and lick chops and runs . but never worked out how too make up a chord progressoin and put it too a scale "say like D dorian maj7" i would really be thankful if anyway can help me "hard teaching your self"
8 Mar 2007 09:36 | Quote
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i mean full scale's and or line's using semi mod's i guess "sorry thoery isnt 100%"
8 Mar 2007 12:35 | Quote
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don't know what you really mean but making up chords based on scales you jus know some formulas , (don't think something like D dorian maj7 exists though)
like c major chord is made up of 1st-3rd-5th note of the c major scale
for every type of chord there is a formula based on the rootscale

here is a site with the most common chords and their formulas


hope you meant this , if you meant wich chords go in which scales you can check out the chord progressions on this site
9 Mar 2007 20:27 | Quote
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thankz man "i sould know this" but iv more or less forgotten the frist rule of make a formuler to a scale "silly me"
thank for your help :)
10 Mar 2007 09:39 | Quote
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ei! uhm.. i opened the site that mightydave posted but i don't understand what they mean...can you help me?

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