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26 Feb 2007 19:05 | Quote
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how do u attempt it ? and what tips are there? is there a certain nack?
28 Feb 2007 09:38 | Quote
United States
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Im learning to shred and i must say that its really a must to have a synchronized left and right hand.. speed is always the way to go and you can build that with metronome.. practice scales a lot with different combinations until you can do 8th note and 16 note per beat... and always start slow.
7 Mar 2007 18:29 | Quote
New Zealand
Posts: 16
yes, definitely get yourself a metronome if you dont already have one. one with a digital bpm display is always good, so you know for sure what speed your playing at.
and when zmazz says start slow, i gotta say, you need to stay at what your comfortable with, practice till its as easy as breathing, then kick your speed up slowly.
there really is no special tricks to learning how to play fast, you just gotta practice, practice, practice.
7 Mar 2007 23:04 | Quote
United States
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Hey. You mentioned a metronome with a LCD screen. Know of any good ones that are pretty cheap (around 30 bucks)? Really wanna speed up my playing. thanks

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