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New Song - "Time"

12 Apr 2010 19:27 | Quote
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This window serves as my reminder.
Least I forget what's waiting for me.
Outside there's a life to live.
Outside sun will shine on my dark days

But these bars, they stop me.
But these chains are unrelenting chaos.
I don't know how,
But I'd go back in time,
To a time where my time meant something more.
To a time when my time was unemployed.
It seems I'm running out of time.
Running to a time, without time.
Running to a time, without time.

Adolescence has left me.
I'm no longer the gold-hearted boy.
Inside me festers a new found doubt.
Gone is cheer, gone is optimism,
Here comes fear that will never leave.

I close my eyes on the window.
Turn my back on uncertainty.
Yearning for the boy that was me.
Wish he'd come back, cuz I think he might be dead.

(Repeat Chorus)

There's a clock next to the window.
Time keeps me as hostage.
I meet it's stare!
I meet his stare!
He peers deep inside me.
Time knows about that little boy.
Time knows how to kill him.
How'd you kill him?

He took a scythe, and killed him
I meant to say he killed me.
Now Time stands over the body.

Oh the Bars, they killed me!
Oh the chains were unrelenting!
I sat and wondered.
I sat and stared.
At the clock, at a time, that I was free.
At the clock, quarter past three, what does it matter to me?
Time is useless when you're dead.
Time is useless when you're dead.
14 Apr 2010 10:03 | Quote
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i can dig that

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