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Fender Jazz Bass 24 V. Neck problem

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29 Oct 2009 08:44 | Quote
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Well, crap. I was recording a bass line for one of my songs yesterday and I got to noticing that it was sounding kinda funky (not in a good way). I checked tuning and it was right on. Started on intonation and it was out. I thought, "I'll just do a whole setup and get this thing playing/sounding great!" In the process of measuring the neck relief I found a problem. The neck has quite a bit of foward bow. I Tightened the truss rod small amounts and would recheck the relief. I got two 1/4 turns out of it and the truss hex hole rounded off! I wasn't even applying much pressure, because you aren't supposed to. Its almost like this has been done before, but I bought it new. The bow was still there when I checked it last night. I will check it again later on today to give it time to adjust. The good news is that the intonation is good now, but the neck is bowed a little more than normal.

On a side note I found out that this bass was discontinued. I did a little more research and found other people have neck problems with this bass. I wonder if the 24 fret longer scale makes it just a bit too long for the truss rod to correct the string tension. I'm thinking about the lifetime warranty that Fender offers. I think I will take it to the shop where I bought it and see what they think. They are great guys there. Its a shame. Its a great sounding bass and it plays pretty good too.
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That sucks, bro. I would make sure the truss rod isn't damaged.

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