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Bass project low-down

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1 May 2009 15:52 | Quote
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Alright! This things really heating up, i have everything planned out(after about a week of head clawing) here is the specs, down to the minor minor minor details!

Starting from body to neck, going up

Start specs

Mohagany body

Quilted maple top (MAYBE)

Blue sunburst with a gloss finish

Wraparound bridge made from steel tubing(square) with springs under the anchoring holes for action ajusting and a nail for the bridge

2 band artec equilizer(from guitarfuel, had some good exp with the and artec) which has balance, bass .treble and volume

Sustainer! sustainer on a bass is genius, especialy for my playing style, I'm going to use this circut, so that means a sustainer knob http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/sustainer.htm

artec bass humbucker, the mini one found on ebay

steel pickguard( if i have room xD)

Curly maple neck and fingerboard so it'll look pretty

bolt on neck with 6-10 neck screws, because i want a solid neck joint ( and i mean, really solid....)because my insturments go through alot, and i mean, ALOT and so i can ajust the neck angle pretty well.

20 frets, mainly because i have a rather, short neck(its acctualy 19, not counting the 0 fret)

Warmoth double expanding bass truss rod

gibson-size frets(med jumbo i think)

160 degree headstock(about, i dident measure the angle, but it looks like 160 degrees) which is the gibson standard

Something new: an inside nut. What i mean by that is i drill 8 holes into the headstock, two of each holes will be intersecting eachother, like an L...So i can put the strings through the holes to hold them in place.

Some 50$ bass tuners i found at a music store, i dont know how they lock, but we'll see

And last, but not least.... "Zee B-bass" written in a walnut stain marker on the headstock.

End specs

I have alot of work to do on it, i have not bought the electronics and other stuff, so that may change. I need to smooth the sides, rout the pups and lectronics, do the final sanding and then. it'll be finished

Now, i have a one question

if all is good, should i sell this bass? i'm a lefty..And this bass is a lefty. so it might be hard, but with all the mods, people may flock to it.

I'll update this thread with some pictures and updates, once this damn needle(I.V) is out of my arm, medical people/people who have done it know what i'm talking about.


Peace - m&m

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