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Gather around..its story time

28 Apr 2009 20:24 | Quote
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Ok, this is going to sound really corny, but i'm sure everyones been through an emotional issue that they came back better from.

Here we go,

As everyone probably knows, I'm into luthery. and everytime i make somthing, theres one big mistake, i know how to do it, i just dont know what happens.Also, it counts for grades too. So, i was sitting around in class, planning my bass. My teacher, who doesnt think i can do anything or become somthing, suddenly walked up to me, and said somthing i would NEVER expect him to say, "Congrats, you commended the math Taks(which is a REALLY importiant test, given by the state)"
Ok, i dont know what the hell just happened there, but i felt i had somthing i'm missing...Confedence. so, i erased everything on my bass plans, and rewrote it new, giving not just a picture, but specs, mesurments, everything! and i think its sticking to me...

Done. however, i dident post this to tell a corney story, i posted this to show you THIS baby!(the two went along, so i guess i'd post both)

Shes not finished yet, needs alot of work, but we'll see how it turns out,

I'll post specs if ya'll want me to

peace -m&m
EDIT: sorry its in tech, dident notice
28 Apr 2009 22:02 | Quote
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im interested in seeing the results
29 Apr 2009 13:09 | Quote
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good effort! i look forward to seeing a finished result. ive always want to try something like that, but maybe something smaller like a ukulele from scratch. maybe when i have a bit more money but i would definately love to get into it!
4 May 2009 17:26 | Quote
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its spelled TACHS

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