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need ideas

27 Mar 2009 23:30 | Quote
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I just formed a band with my buddies a month ago and we're having a little trouble breaking away from the blues when we're writing.

I could use a little help with a song I'm working on, I can write melodies an licks but I'm horrible with harmonies. I'd like something with a bit of a punky garage rock sound too it. I've plan for it to be in a and I have a few chords that have worked well for me but I have a difficult time deciding where to place them and what else to use

A Bm E7 Dmaj7
30 Mar 2009 16:24 | Quote
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dont rush your song writing, just play and it will come to you.
30 Mar 2009 20:34 | Quote
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Look at a song in a genre you want to play, take some licks from it, put them in different keys, reverse them, smash them together, whatever. That's what I try to do when writing, I've come up with some really cool stuff that way.

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