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les paul?

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21 Oct 2006 09:49 | Quote
United Kingdom
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hi im buyin a les pual soon but i dont want to get a gibsion cus ther to much money and to havey. wot other good makes are thre for les paul. ive tryed some in my local music shop and some had i heaver neck than the body.
21 Oct 2006 11:07 | Quote
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the only one i know is the les paul by epiphone , don't know anything about it though...
31 Oct 2006 16:49 | Quote
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Epiphone makes a LP called "Ultra" with hollow body if you want a lighter one. Check their web site http://epiphone.com/default.asp?ProductID=242&CollectionID=6

Otherwise I can suggest Hagstrom "SuperSwede", which is a LP type of guitar, but with its own character. http://hagstromguitars.com/superswede.html

They look much nicer than in these pics, though.
1 Nov 2006 14:09 | Quote
United States
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Take a look at the SG's.....they are less money and have a nice amount of growl and can play just as nice when set up correctly.
Good luck

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