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Marshall Valvestate 8008

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13 Oct 2006 12:53 | Quote
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Hi there !!!
Can anyone help me !!!

I've got a "Marshall Valvestate 8008" power amp, from a former/closed musicstudio. There's no manual. There are two in-/output A & B channel's
and a 2way switch valvestate/linear.
How to use it ??? Does anyone have a link to a manual

(P.s: I've ordered a "Rocktron GAINIAC 2 Preamp")
13 Oct 2006 13:47 | Quote
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i think you mean a 8080? i have the 8040 or something i think
here's the manual that sits with the valvestate series amps
if you mean by the two channels the normal channel and boost channel i can help you, you plug the guitar in to the input on the left right to it the first thing you see are four buttons they all are part of the normal channel , this is the clean channel , if you want distortion you click on the boost button hereby you go into the boost channel , now you can adjust the six next button that are part of the boost channel , the buttons of the normal channel don't have any effect anymore when in boost channel.

if this isn't what you wanted to know let me know don't get what you want to say with in/output things but in the manual all inputs and things are explained so you should find what you need

good luck

here's the manual:
14 Oct 2006 17:30 | Quote
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Hi mightydave!!!

I MEAN Marshall Valvestate 8008 PowerAmp (19" rack mountable).
(Im not stupid, i'm Danish)
There are an On/Off buton, two Gain pots at front and two in's and out's.
Out's for speakers i'ns for preamp? and a 2way switch valvestate/linear.
I'd like to know if the channel's could be "bridged". Is it stereo ???
14 Oct 2006 19:51 | Quote
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don't know too much about amps and preamps and stuff , sorry can't help you then :(

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