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question about the guitar chords on this site

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27 Sep 2006 15:15 | Quote
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I've only started to learn to play. On the guitar chords page on this site, what do they mean when they say "follow steps 1,3,5"? And what does the R on the yellow circles stand for? Slightly confused. Thanks
27 Sep 2006 15:56 | Quote
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i'll guide you a bit through your questions

first of all what the "r" means is in the faq i think

anyway "r" stands for root it means it's the main note of the chord like a c major chord , c is the root so the root always gives the name to the chord

now i'll explain 1-3-5 etc , these numbers stand for the number of which they are in the scale like a c major scale
c-d-e-f-g-a-b-c 1=c(1= same as root) , (3=e),(5=g)

so these numbers (1-3-5) just stand for the 1st,3th and 5th note of the scale

the 1st , 3rd and fifth note are also the notes which make up a major chord , so i think they are talking about this when they say follow steps 1,3,5

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