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I need A guitarist!

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15 Aug 2006 05:48 | Quote
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Hey hi my name is jay .. i need a guitarist cause i m creating my band i hav tunes as well as songs .. if any 1 intrested please send me e mail in my a/c tht is slayer_j89@hotmail.com .. thankx a lot !
15 Aug 2006 05:49 | Quote
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22 Aug 2006 01:54 | Quote
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What cuntry are you from, cause it'll be hard to get to ya if your in aussie. i live in NZ
23 Aug 2006 11:06 | Quote
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hey i liv in india .. oh .. thankx anywayz ..
23 Aug 2006 12:22 | Quote
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Kansas here.

not fun or cool..

if youre open to it, you could create a band across the web. one guy (probably whoever writes the songs) creates a riff or chord prog. and sends it to the bassist, or drummer... they send their part back, and the first guy does the editing and/or can ask for another riff, in case he didnt like what ever the bassist was doin.

its kinda complicated, and takes a while.. but its a nice way to open your eyes to different idea about what youre playing.
5 Sep 2006 08:30 | Quote
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Hey metallica_j89 !! Where in India ?? Me in Pune

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