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Playing with 2 guitars what intervals should I use?

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13 Aug 2006 07:57 | Quote
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Could you please give me an idea what is the right way to play 2 guitars with different chords that goes well? , Thanks.
14 Aug 2006 03:14 | Quote
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thats up to you man..

its your music, so use your ears. ;)

dont really mean to sound rude, but you know.. its only what you like.

if you can try recording the original chords you have down, and then just let em loop and dick around with some other chords until you get it.. also, knowing the proper variations of a chord progression helps.
14 Aug 2006 18:09 | Quote
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Harmonize? using major/minor thirds, 6ths, 5ths and octaves, they work well i think?
15 Aug 2006 05:56 | Quote
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Thanks guys.

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