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Where to start?!?!

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4 Aug 2006 19:57 | Quote
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Well I'm on the scales page . . . there must be literally thousands of combinations!!!
Please could someone tell me:
Which scales to learn first? (As I'm really clueless I'll need to know which buttons to press please as I don't have a clue to much of the language lol).
How well to learn them?
Just generally scales for an idiot lol. Thanks.
5 Aug 2006 09:30 | Quote
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Start with the Major Scale in C followed by the minor scale in A, and then the blues scale in Bb.
5 Aug 2006 14:47 | Quote
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OK thanks, but the thing that gets me is which pattern to do? Or should I learn all of them in turn, you know like from 0-13, or once you know one do you know them all or something?
5 Aug 2006 21:02 | Quote
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learn the major pentatonic scale and do it for hours everyday. that is the single most important scale in metal or whatever. later you can learn minor, augumented or diminished pentatonics.
5 Aug 2006 21:06 | Quote
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pick out the first part of the a pentatonic and use it by the way
9 Aug 2006 22:40 | Quote
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Do something like this. Learn A minor pentatonic, with the thing at the 5th fret, because that's where the A (the root) is on the E string, which will be the lowest note. Learn the major, minor, and major pentatonic scales also.
10 Aug 2006 11:23 | Quote
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I do not understand the pattern thing. What is a full, 0,1,2,etc. What do these mean? Just starting at different frets? What is just a regular C major scale for example?
14 Aug 2006 03:23 | Quote
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i learned all the major scales (A B C D E F G) and then just clicked around on some interesting sounds scales and then played to see if i liked em.

also, the pattern "thing" is, i believe, the position of each scale. like the 7th pattern usually starts near or on the 7th fret.. and i think full is the scale on the entire fretboard.. and c major?

b- 0 1
g- 0 2
d- 0 2 3
a- 3

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