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When you play a 7sus4 chord wot does the sus4 mean????

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3 Aug 2006 13:17 | Quote
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eg g7sus4??
i know wot a g is and a g 7 but wot the hell is a sus 4 mean???????
3 Aug 2006 18:53 | Quote
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Sus4 is the suspension of the 4th note in the scale of what ever chord you are playing (it is the same for either major or minor chords). By suspension, root word suspend, it means that the chord sound unfinished or unresolved, which is fixed by playing a normal G or G7 in your case. Suspensions come in two forms: sus4 and sus2 (Sus4 is more common, so when ever music says just sus it is a sus4). Both suses sound unresolved and are resolved with the root chord. My favorite chord progression with suses is Tom Petty’s “Free Falling”: D Dsus4 D Dsus2. The progression sound good at any speed, not just the way Tom does it, and is a great way to end a song if it ends on a D chord. You can do that progression with any chord but D is the easiest. Hope this helps.
29 Jun 2007 06:27 | Quote
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I couldn't have said it better myself. Good job Chimzar ;)
29 Jun 2007 09:49 | Quote
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Cheers :D
22 Jun 2009 20:41 | Quote
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Another good ending on a standard D with Dsus4
(especially after a G):

D - Dsus4 - D5

D5 = formed as a D with first string on A (pinkie on 5th fret)

I hope I didn't stray too far off topic. This is my first post.

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