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28 Jun 2006 14:22 | Quote
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well thet is very interesting style of playing!A dont know about you but i like it very much . I think that if someone can play flamenco correctly he can play everything if wants.i need a liiiitle help about that. Do you know haw can i play it :} any help is VELCOME!
12 Jul 2006 01:06 | Quote
Posts: 14
I would start with Arpeggios. Those sound pretty flemencoish and perhaps some harmonic minor scales sound pretty good. You should purchase a Nylon string acoustic though if you want the full spanish effect, and don't use a pick. learn to substitute alternative picking with quick hammer ons and pull offs.
12 Jul 2006 07:50 | Quote
Posts: 7
Can you give me some tabs to practise, or song name...
thank you
13 Jul 2006 23:52 | Quote
Posts: 14

Theirs one bit of sheet music that would sound good on a nylon string.


theres another one that sounds interesting.


and finally heres a very basic progression between Am an E7. One little bit of advise as well is to learn finger picking. Remember your fingering names of your right hand (if your right handed, it's left if your left handed). it starts with the thumb and goes P,I,M,A,C but C is very rarly used so you can forget about that one and just go by P,I,M,A. some songs with have P or I or M or A writen above the note name which means that thoughs are the fingers you should use for finger picking.


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