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How many chord progressions are there???

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20 Jun 2006 03:49 | Quote
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I really like this website, thanks for those who created this.

My question is, how many type of chord progressions are they? From my very little knowledge, I only knew two ie based on Major and Minor scale. But from what I saw in this website there are additional chord progressions eg Major 6th, Major 7th, Major 9th etc. Where we derived these chord progressions from? From the chords degree? Are they anymore chord progressions besides those listed in this site?

Thanks in advance for those kind inputs.
15 Jul 2006 16:01 | Quote
Posts: 14
Well there are suspended chords and MajorMinor chords and Dominant chords. I guess in a way there is ann endless amount of chords because you can also combine your chords to make new chords like maybe flat the 3rd,5th, and 7th of a C major 7th chord and create a "C Dominant Diminish 7th chord".

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