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help trying to write a song with chinese mongolian scale

22 Jul 2008 21:16 | Quote
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recently ive been trying to write a song (instrumental) based around the Chinese Mongolian scale (D, F#, A, B) and the D6 chord. its also in drop D tuning. ive come up with some kind riffy thing...

and then it goes to Bminor and some other variations

my main problem is that all the chord progressions i come up i feel limited.
is there any other scales and chords that would compliment this well?
23 Jul 2008 10:47 | Quote
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Ok, so D Chinese Mongolian is D, E, F#, A, B... so you could use G Major or E Minor, since those have the same notes plus a few more. Also, B Pentatonic Minor would work, as would D Pentatonic Major.

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