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Im making a band and....

17 Jul 2008 10:52 | Quote
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I am teaching my friend how to play guitar. Because i can play guitar well i am confident i can teach my friend to play as well as me. But i am also teaching my other friend bass. Now despite me never playing the bass i obviously know the basics like the chords, but not entirely sure what else i should teach him on the bass, there isnt as much as guitar.

I will teach him,
Which notes are which etc,
Bass techniques like slapping or whatever,
things like slides and hammers, but these are obvious what else does he need to know, do scales apply for bass as well?

What else?
17 Jul 2008 10:56 | Quote
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Teach him how to follow the drummer instead of the freaking guitar.
17 Jul 2008 10:56 | Quote
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bit of theory so he can make up basslines that fit the chords possibly?

yeah scales do apply same as on guitar except without the high E and B strings.

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