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Writing a Jazz Solo

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20 Apr 2006 18:26 | Quote
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ok, im in my schools jazz band and my teacher offered me a 6 measure solo, and i really want to do it. but im clueless when it comes to jazz solos. on the music the first four measures of the part where i would write my solo are a Bb chord, then the last two are an Eb7. should i just play around witht those two chords' scales? and if so should i switch scales when the chord change would be? how would you go about writing a jazz solo?

p.s. i am a complete beginner when it comes to jazz, and theoritcal guitar for that matter.
23 Apr 2006 12:08 | Quote
United States
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If you want to do a Jazz solo, listen to Jim Hall. The key to his success is that he always switches scales with the chords and is not afraid to play a wrong note. For the most part, in Jazz you cannot play a wrong note because notes out of the scale sound jazzy. Also, do not be afraid to through in some jazz chords that you like such as a diminish or a flat fifth. Another great Jazz guitar tactic is playing octaves at the same time. This makes your notes richer. So look up Jim Hall and have fun with playing Jazz.

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