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CAGED system

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22 Mar 2006 09:10 | Quote
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i really dont know what it is..help anybody???
22 Apr 2006 11:10 | Quote
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ooo ive heard that somwhere the letters stand for somthing i think, the sad thing is i cant remeber what :(
23 Apr 2006 12:12 | Quote
United States
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I not sure, but those are the five basic major and minor chords.
30 May 2006 03:03 | Quote
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http://www.cyberfret.com has a lot of stuff on CAGED.

CAGED is just a mnemonic to remember each note (C, A, G, E, D).

It useful for a few things. The shapes for each chord imposed on scales provides the 5 most common fingerings.

Also, the keys of C, A, G, E and D are the most common keys that western music is played in.
3 Jul 2006 05:44 | Quote
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'Fretboard Logic' by Bill Edwards gives you the whole CAGED-story (there are more books on this subject, but Edwards seems to be the guy that developed the system to its full potential). There's also the 'Guitar Grid Method'(www.guitargrid.com). And maybe there are still more ways to get a grip on the fretboard.
At the moment i'm trying to find out myself which way(s) to go when it comes to mastering the fretboard. I think it's worth the trouble.

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